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Retooling HUD for a Catalytic Federal Government: A Report to Secretary Shaun Donovan, Chapter 1: Preventing Foreclosures, February, 2009

What Does Financial Capital Owe Society?, The American Prospect, July/August 2009

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New York Times, Foreclosure Frenzy Dismays Aspiring Homeowners, December 12, 2010

Housing Predictor, "Consumers Union Joins to Halt Extra Home Sale Fees," October 13, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio, "Misbehaving Banks Put Wrench in Foreclosure Process," October 6, 2010

Maine Public Radio, "GMAC Suspends Some Foreclosures in Maine," September 24, 2010

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C-SPAN Washington Journal, The Future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, August 18, 2010

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Washington Independent, "A 'Disastrous' Republican Proposal to Redo Fannie and Freddie," May 11, 2010

Associated Press, "Freddie Mac Seeks $10B in Aid After 1Q Loss," May 5, 2010

Washington Post, "Discrepancies Detailed in Minority Foreclosures," April 28, 2010

Bankrate.com, "Four Tips for Single, Female Homebuyers," April 23, 2010

American Banker, "Treasury's HAMP Cash:  From Carrot to Cudgel," April 23, 2010

Baltimore Sun, "HAMP:  What the Loan Mod Changes Mean," March 27, 2010

Boston Globe, "Frank wants details on mortgage lender overhaul," March 24, 2010

Weekend Marketplace radio program on FHA and HUD IG reviews of lenders with high claim rates, January, 2010.

ULI webinar on Obama housing policies, December, 2009

Marketplace on mortgage delinquencies, December 2, 2008

Boston Globe, Obama Housing Budget Proposals, February 19, 2009

NHC Seeks Legislative Director

National Housing Conference Logo

The National Housing Conference is seeking a Legislative Director to lead NHC’s work on public policy issues related to affordable housing and advocating for NHC’s policy priorities at the national level.e Director to lead its policy.  The candidate will report directly to NHC’s CEO, and indirectly to the Director of the Center for Housing Policy, NHC’s research and policy development affiliate.

A full job description can be found here.


Kiwis Pull It Out!

Watch New Zealand’s All Whites World Cup team pull it out from Down Under in the final 30 seconds of play to seal a draw with Slovakia and live to fight another day!


Housing Finance Conference

On August 17, HUD Secretary Shaun S. Donovan and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner convened a Washington, DC conference in Treasury’s historic Cash Room to discuss the future of the housing finance system.  You can review a webcastof the two plenary panel discussions on Treasury’s website. Regional conferences are reportedly to follow later this year as the Administration develops its own options and recommendations for how to rebuild the system after the mortgage crisis and collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


CFA Handicaps Senate Markup

Consumer Federation of America is publishing a “cheat sheet” on the Senate Banking Commitee’s markup of financial services reform legislation, pointing out “who wins and who loses” on major amendments pending before the committee, which begins its markup this week.

 “Recklessness among big banks and Wall Street firms and regulatory failures by federal agencies triggered a prolonged recession that continues to cause great hardship for many Americans,” said CFA Legislative Director Travis Plunkett.  “The American people are looking to the Senate to strengthen consumer and investor protections and restore the safety and soundness of the financial system by closing gaps in the regulatory system.” 

The purpose of the “scorecard” is to help consumers and others understand who and what interests are behind the plethora of amendments that have been registered in advance of the mark up.

 “Americans need to know who’s on their side and who is offering amendments that will leave them vulnerable to dangerous gaps in our regulatory system for which consumers and taxpayers have had to foot the bill,” said Susan Weinstock, Financial Reform Campaign Director for CFA.  “We strongly encourage all Americans to follow this debate and let their Senators know how they feel about the positions their members are taking.”

The scorecard will be updated on the CFA website.  Check often to find out who stands to win and who stands to lose from the Senate commitee’s actions.


Nice Tattoo!

NY Times columnist Frank Rich uses the best-selling novel and just-released movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to tee off on Wall Street and the Senate’s consideration of financial reform in today’s column.  As only Rich can, he focuses on this pop culture phenomenon’s sub-plot of financial wrong doing and the financial press’s credulous complicity with financial manipulations by high-flying moguls.  

It’s true that the libel conviction of one of the series’ protagonists, Mikel Bloomquist, launches the events that lead to his unravelling of a 40-year old murder and the unmasking of a deranged killer.  It also introduces him to the central and compelling character of the story, Lisbeth Salander, a disaffected, punk hacker/feminist avenger who with impunity violates computer privacy.  That her doing so provides critical clues to both the financial and murderous mysteries at the heart of the novel justifies it to the reader, and apparently also to Rich. 

I love this novel and its sequel, and rushed to see the Swedish-made movie on the day it opened in US theaters.  I think Salander is one of the most intriguing characters in modern popular mystery fiction.  But I also think it’s ironic that Rich overlooks her ethical lapses, or perhaps her own unique and personal ethical standards, and focuses instead only on author Stieg Larsson’s rich condemnation of the Swedish financial press.  

Does he support the notion that it takes a thief to catch a thief?


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