What Clients and Partners Say

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

”As a consultant, Barry is a rare find. He has deep experience and knowledge of housing policy born out of his professional and volunteer commitments, yet he is not wedded to one approach. Rather, he is able to help guide programmatic initiatives and policy debates in new and useful directions that take the best of the old and blend it with the new.”
Erika was Barry’s client at MacArthur in 2008-2009 when she was the Foundation’s Associate Director for Housing.  She is currently Institute Fellow and Director of Urban Policy Initiatives at Urban Institute

- Erika Poethig

Mercy Housing, Inc.

"Barry has an uncanny ability to take a very complex concept, task or assignment and boil it down to understandable and actionable steps. He successfully facilitated a highly collaborative albeit lengthy process to establish Mercy Housing's 5-year strategic plan. This involved individual board interviews, staff focus group facilitation, and many many rewrites. He navigated through this process seamlessly, ensuring that our various boards and employee groups felt genuinely heard and respected. All that feedback could have created a plan that was just a mess of a document - with competing agendas and priorities. Barry didn't let that happen. He masterfully incorporated their input into a final document that clearly articulates our strategic plan."

Michelle Mamet, Chief Administrative Officer, March, 2010

- Mercy Housing

NCB Capital Impact

"Barry has done a fantastic job for us on the difficult assignment of figuring out how to development financial products for the resale restricted mortgage market. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Jim was Barry's client in 2010

- Jim Gray

Neighborworks America

"Barry was a tremednous asset to the project we enaged him on. Lots of different peronality types and perspectives had to be considered in getting the work done and he managed all of it with tack and professionalism. His assignments were delivered on time and were key in helping us reach our goals and objectives."
Karen was Barry's client in 2008

- Karen Hoskins, Program Manager

Fannie Mae

"Barry is an outstanding senior executive. I worked with him closely at Fannie Mae. He demonstrated strong leadership, strategic, and policy skills. He also executed well and demonstrated strong managerial and practical skills. His list of achievements was long on both policy development and tangible results. Barry's personal qualities are also admirable. He has high integrity, well defined values, top collaboration skills, and an appealing personality that works well with both senior and junior people. Barry is also unusually well 'networked.' Consequently, he can draw upon a broad range of resources, and is constantly 'ahead of the curve' on all key substantive issues. I highly recommend Barry to to any organization seeking a senior executive or consultant for either strategic and policy work, or for managerial, product development, and other work related to implementation."

Barry reported to Rob 1998-2004.

- Rob Levin, Executive Vice President, Housing and Community Development Division, 1998-2004

Melville Charitable Trust

Barry's consulting work for us was distinguished by his high level of content expertise, his clarity of approach, respect for an inclusionary process, and a high-quality final product"
Ann was Barry's client in 2012 when she was Chief Operating Officer at Mellville Charitable Trust.  She is currently Principal at Anne Woodward Consulting.

- Ann Woodward, Chief Operating Officer